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System Requirements

These are the minimum requirements needed to install eSoftScript. If you dont know what hosting services to choose please check our recommended hosting companies .

PHP Configuration

On hosted or dedicated servers the configuration and availability of these applications will depend on the host provider or the operating system that is installed on the server. If you encounter a problem with your hosting provider check the support forums to see if other users have experienced the same issue and what their solution was.

Local Installing and Testing

If you intend to install eSOftScript on your home or office computer (for testing and modify) there are a number of packages for the various operating systems that will assist in establishing these requirements.

eSoftScript code

eSoftScript comes with only a single skin but very easy to modify to fit your needs or download a new one from templates section . To change script design you only have to know to change html code and css.

The php files are open source, clean and almost without any html code. Here is a demo source code to see how easily can make changes if you need. Any changes regarding script features and settings are made from the administrator panel.

Payments by PayPal

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