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The Most Powerful Software Directory Script - PAD Site

Pad Site Script
The repository script that throw you in competition with the big boys.

You do not have the advantages of the old domain?
You do not have a large team of editors?
You do not have endless funds?
You dont know how to start a directory business?

No problem, now have at hand the most powerful and effective software directory script that can push you in the top of the competition with minimal effort. Due to lower cost for this software pad script, you can invest the remaining money in server resources. It has to cope with the avalanche of visitors that you will have.

eSoftScript is a professional software repository script called usually pad site , easy to install and administer, fully customizable. Its content is based on PAD files, bulck or manual pad file submissions.

eSoftScript was chosen by many webmasters because its to ease its use with minimal effort, dozens of settings options and it offers all at a high level. Among the most important features includes the ability to use editors (like DMOZ), customized links, virtual domains, multilingual support for all content, news section and many more. Click here for a detailed list of features.

Visitors can create accounts to add reviews and opinions, with accounts can manage downloads, alerts and more. For developers, these accounts offer more, they can track their software, sponsor updates, and much more. There is also the option to create semi-admins accounts. These editors can have site management levels individual restricted on what actions you like. eSoftScript have also an update and compare files system that keeps your script up to date.

Why choose Software Directory eSoftScript?

Why is eSoftScript one of the best software repository script?

That's is only some of the features of eSoftScript PRO version. To see the full list visit product page .



For any questions regarding eSoftScript, feel free to contact us or come to eSoftScript Forum and we will do our best to help you or solve your problems.

If you allready have other script running on your domain.. no problem.. we will try our best to make a smooth transition from your old script to the new and best download site script (eSoftScript). eSoftScript nulled or craked, there is no such thing.

How To Place Your Order

To buy eSoftScript you must first register on our site. Keep in mind that after you use the order form you will recive acces to download eSoftScript PRO within a very short period of time!
Buy today the Pro version and any future updates will be availabe to you free of charge. You can also ask for one free installation and our technical team will make it asap.


We look forward to getting a letter from you, telling us about your success story and how you have progressed with your own website. Even though we get an enormous amount of mail, please contact us or submit your testimonial . We'd love to hear your success story!

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